Fans of Pokemon are excited at the idea of playing a full Pokemon RPG on the Nintendo Switch. Almost all the Pokemon RPGs that have been released to date have been pretty much exclusive to Nintendo’s DS handheld console lineup, but the Switch version will change that. Details are scarce right now, especially its release date, but a previous rumor has suggested that it could arrive in 2018. Now according to a tweet by Pixelpar who claims to have industry contacts, the game could launch in November 2018 or maybe even in December. No official release date or timeframe has been given yet which means that this information should be taken with a grain of salt. At least for now. Don’t get your hopes up just yet but hopefully, this tturns out o be true. In the meantime, other rumors about the game include how the version for the Switch could usher in the 8th generation of Pokemon. That would be a special treat for fans if true. We will just have to wait and see if it arrives in November. That would be a great thing for fans to get this title around the holiday season, so it does make sense.