The “Gold” hitmaker is back with a brand spankin’ new single and vide Kiiara has struck gold once again, only this time, it’s just a little messier (in the fun way). The viral hitmaker is back with an infectious new single, “Messy,” that allows her voice and penchant for punchy melodies to shine more than ever before. It’s her first step in a more self-assured direction, the artist confidently owning her sound more than ever. The video, premiering exclusively on V, is just as much fun, turning the tables on some guys right before things start to get… messy. “This video was such a fun one to shoot,” she remarks. “It’s not like any other video I’ve done before, it feels more playful with the look, the crying guys, the location, it all came together perfectly. It really hits on the vibe of the song.” Watch the video below.