Epic Games has provided Fortnite: Battle Royale players with a lot to digest in the big Season 4 update, and not all of is apparent from the patch notes. Your first post-update Battle Bus trip over the island will reveal some of the big changes, like the comet laying waste to Dusty Depot, which has resulted in a massive crater. But as fans are digging in further, they’re finding there’s much more to find on the island that you might assume at first. The lead up to Season 4’s debut suggested that the comet would finally crash and that we would get a superhero-themed season. Some of the skins match up with that, but the newly modified island itself seems to hold additional pieces of the puzzle. Pull your attention away from Dusty Divot and Risky Reels and you’ll find other new areas that aren’t labeled on the in-game map. Take, for instance, the unnamed area just southeast of Lonely Lodge. If you head up to the roof of the house, you’ll find one of the letters to seek out for Week 1’s challenges. But it’s underground that holds the more intriguing discovery. Either by breaking through a floor at the (apparent) bottom level of the staircase or by building ramps off the edge of the cliff, you can find an underground base, as shown in this video posted on Reddit by TopiKoodaa. Down there, you’ll find computers, security cameras, a locker room, and more, along with a logo on a wall for an as-of-yet undetermined group. Over in Salty Springs, as shown by Reddit user __Kaneda__, there’s a similar but smaller secret room to be found through a hole hidden behind a staircase. Even more elaborate is what’s located just northeast of Snobby Shores. Ascend toward the house up on a mountain, and you’ll find a giant missile sticking out of a silo, as shown in Philendrium’s video. Jump in, and you’ll find more computers, cars, and security cameras, as well as another logo. It all looks a bit like a Bond villain’s lair. Potential superhero/villain bases aside, there’s also something much different in another area of the map. As shown in Qpaniic’s screenshot, there’s a destroyed building with what looks like a huge dinosaur track in its place. With one of Season 4’s themes seemingly being moviemaking, it’s possible this is just meant to be part of a set. Still, considering that players tried to interpret Morse code messages from controller vibrations in trying to crack the mystery of the comet, this is sure to spur some new theories about what awaits in Season 4 or 5. For the time being, none of these new areas ultimately have a major impact on the way Battle Royale plays, but it’s still fun to see the island evolve. The underground bases also tease the possibility of some ongoing story that may play out over the course of the season. That’s purely speculation at this point, but after how things played out with the comet, figuring out what’s next and going along for the ride will be half the fun for Fortnite fans.