AMC Unicon MegaStore located at L.G. Smith Boulevard

A one-stop shopping concept with 6 unique brands under one roof including AMC Unicon, Ashley HomeStore, Optica Unicon, Home and Nature, RadioShack and a Smit & Dorlas coffee shop. Offering a large assortment op products for everyday living, entertainment and enjoyment. With client satisfaction in mind offering cash and instant credit purchase possibilities, extended warranty, free delivery, installation, service options, a friendly staff and much more to compliment a hassle free shopping experience!

The MegaStore process to success

In November 2017 we initiated the kick-off of this project and now 18 months later, we can only be proud of what we have accomplished; a beautiful new store with six unique store concepts on a prime location in Aruba. What makes us even prouder is the fact that we have developed this unique building with local companies, which goes to show that we have the expertise, the experience, the willingness and know-how on the Island to accomplish projects of this magnitude.

With our new store, we are glad that we have contributed substantially to the Aruban economy, created new job opportunities in our own company and have given this location on the LG Smith Blvd a new, fresh, boulevard-worthy look and feel.

We are grateful for the confidence that the board of directors of Unicomer have put into Unicomer Aruba to realize this project, and we are confident that the investments made will be beneficial for both the local economy and Unicomer Aruba.

We would like to thank the following local companies for their services;

Croon, Robertson, Dynaf, Elite, ISS, Aruwood, Mr, Green, Office Systems, Van Dorp, Mexim Zulo, Print Media, Fantastic Gardens, Tromp Roofing and ELJO construction. A word of gratitude also to our own installation department under supervision of Pin Koolman for the installation of the air conditioning system in the stores and thanks to WEB, Elmar & Setar we have the proper infrastructure to be able to operate the building.

This beautiful store which you see today is in large part due to ALBO Aruba & AWM who have done an outstanding job with the construction of the building, and we very much appreciate their professional attitude and support during this project. Special thank you goes out to Arjen, Anno & Paul!

Also we would like to extend our gratitude to the team that supported us with the technical, electrical & supervisory aspects of the projects, which are Tony Wilson, Enrico de Nooij (DN Consultancy), Sjors Beeks (TLS), Hendrick Croes (HJC), Lionel Mercalina & Belkis Henriquez from Mer-Cann and JJ Siman and Luis Dada from OMNI.

To build a store like this is a challenge in itself, but to do the fit-out is equally challenging, and therefore a special word of recognition to our regional team which consists of Charlie Hyde, Martricia Alleyne, Steve Marshall and Diego Marin,  who worked long hours to make the store as beautiful as it is today. Not to be forgottenour main suppliers for the furniture; Oliver & Dee from Ashley, Walls & Forms for the fixtures, Vanguard security systems, Caribbean LED lighting, Samsung & TCL. 

We operate more than 1,100 stores throughout the region, but this is the first store where we have included a full-fledged coffee shop, to serve our customers with top notch coffee, tea and other refreshments. This concept was developed together with our partners from Smith &Dorlas; Thank you Danique and Ingrid for teaming up with Unicomer Aruba, and to Karen & Dennis Wever who will operate the coffee shop. I am sure they will do an excellent job and add value to the customer experience in our store.

Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank all our colleagues of Unicomer Aruba, especially those that were closely involved from the beginning of the project, but also our new employees that have joined us recently. They have shown great commitment and teamwork and I we are sure they are as proud as we are today!

Finally, a special thanks to our colleagues; Ria, Rudy, Francois, Ellen and Robert and Felix Siman for their support, dedication, patience and positive attitude to pull off this project. It has been a great journey together and we are very proud of what we have accomplished!

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